Hello! I am a software developer from Ukraine, now living in Sweden.

My name is Margarita, but was not available, so I changed one letter and it became Here I post, write notes, document small things I learn every day, and keep track of the books I read. Links to my internet life:

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- It is impossible to please you, you spent most of your life in a rainy and miserable place and now you have sun, a lot of it! And you are grumpy..
- Nonsense! I want sun! But not all of it all the time … I also want rain, sometimes. I want my life bright and perfect, but sometimes I want it dark and empty. I want love, hope and warmth but sometimes I have an appetite for desperation, misery and pain. I want to be right, most of the time, and I want to be wrong and make a lot of mistakes the rest of the time. I want to make love at daytime, and I want to cry at night. I want to stumble and fall on the ground while the sun is high up in the sky, and rise up through pain and blood and run forward under a heavy rain. I want to make you laugh, but I want to make you cry too, because you need to learn, you need sun, and you need rain.