Set up Event Store on AWS with CDK in TS

02-27-2022 (10 mins), awscdkevent-storeinfrastructure

Find out how to setup Event Store for your cool event sourcing project on AWS with infra as code using CDK in Typescript

Why infrastructure as code and high-level overview of terraform

09-04-2021 (5 mins), terraforminfrastructure

Reasons behind using infrastructure as code and how terraform implements it

On Isaac Asimov's "Nightfall"

09-30-2020 (5 mins), bookssci-fispace

A short summary of the brilliant novel "Nightfall" by Isaac Asimov including my own analysis and contemplations

A road to state machines

05-23-2020 (12 mins), reasonmlfunctionalstate

Modelling state the right way using ReasonML and common sense

Modelling domain with state machines in ReasonML

05-03-2020 (8 mins), reasonmlreact

In this article we are going to focus on modelling state and state handling logic of a system in a functional way, without touching the user…

ReasonReact context explained in action

09-22-2019 (7 mins), reasonmlreact

How to use react context in a reasonml projects

Modelling remote data in ReasonReact

05-23-2019 (8 mins), reasonmlreact

Avoid invalid states and create reusable abstractions when modelling remote data in ReasonReact

Detect click outside in ReasonReact with hooks

04-29-2019 (6 mins), reasonmlreact

Implementing a custom hook to determine click outside of an element using the DOM API and a couple of built-in hooks